Ham Training


First this class is free to anyone in the US. Licensing outside the US each country has its own requirements and each country have their own test.  If you are from Canada, there is a link below to a page that will help you get in contact with some one who can help you get your license. The only requirement that I have is you must sign up for your FRN (FCC registration number) through the FCC. You will need this number to take your test. I limit my classes to 15 people at a time. I only want people who are serious about getting their license and taking the test.

The Class

I use a conferencing utility from ZOOM, it costs nothing for you to use. It allows my class to be completely interactive. You will be able to ask questions. Having a headset with a microphone is a plus but not required. There is a phone number that you can dial into for voice but you will need to use your computer to view presentations and videos. A good internet connection is a must. If you have  a really slow connection it will be hard for you to stay connected and view videos.


There are several things you need to do to be successful in this class and to be able to pass your test. Below you will find all the links to sites and downloads I am about to discus.

Be sure to write all this information down as you find it, you will need to submit it all to register for the class. If you have a problem finding a club or test date still register just leave that information blank.



Step 1

Sign up for your FRN. You do this with the FCC and you are required to have this done before taking my class and the test.


Step 2

Download the Technician Free PDF version study guide that we will use for training and start reviewing it. Do not feel overwhelmed.  It is easier than it looks.

Click Here for Study Guide

Step 3

Got to QRZ.COM register for the site, and start taking practice tests. Don't worry about how you do just start taking them, it will help you better prepare for class. Make notes of any parts of the test that you are confused about.

Click Here For Practice Test QRZ.COM

Step 4

Find a club to reach out to. This class will not teach how to use a radio it is preparing you to legally use a radio. The club will train you on how to use the radio and let you know what is available in your area. Ham's are the nicest people. If you have trouble getting in contact with someone let me know.

Click Here To Find A Club

Step 5

Find out where tests are being offered in your area and when. My suggestion is for you to take my class as close as you can to the test date so everything is fresh in your head. I will be offering multiple classes throughout the year. Try not to wait more than 2 weeks to take your test.Take at least 1 practice test each night until you take your test.

Click Here To Find Out When Test Are Being Offered

Step 6

Take the information you have gathered and submit the information in the registration form just click the link below to get to the form. We will send out an email with the class dates and times.

Make sure you set your spam and junk folder to allow email from hamclassonline@gmail.com

Click Here to Register